What is the role of Munich Lloyd as an Insurance Broker?

As Insurance Brokers, we have a deep understanding of the insurance industry which in turn helps the client in simplifying his insurance needs. Munich Lloyd provides professional consultation regarding the risks inherited to the client's activities by providing various options for maximum protection. We then guide the client to choose appropriate insurance plans and once agreed upon, the risk is then placed with the respective Insurance Company at competitive rates.

Munich Lloyd acts as a consultant and claims advisor to the customer (without burdening any additional fees) and also handles claims, so that the settlement can be carried out smoothly and effectively according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

These types of services offered by us are totally advantageous to the customer.

Why shouldn't the risk directly be covered with an Insurance Company?

A particular Insurance Company will only be able to provide you with their limited products which might not fully suit your needs, whereas, a wide range of coverage is possible with other companies of which the client would totally be unaware of.

Since Munich Lloyd is legally authorized to deal with unlimited number of insurance companies, hence, we are actively and constantly in touch with the latest range of insurance coverage available in the market. Therefore, we become the most important medium enabling the customer to place the risk with the most appropriate insurance company.

High quality service, competitive rates and coverage for all types of insurance needs makes Munich Lloyd your automatic choice.